Jordan Suckley @ Dreamstate SoCal 2016 (Damaged Radio 060) – 06/12/2016

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  1. Stimulant DJ’s- Are you serious (Eskimo remix) (Dreamstate intro edit)
  2. Pitchbend-Boombya (orig mix)
  3. Vini Vici vs. Tristan vs. Avalon- Colours (orig mix)
  4. GMS & Pixel- Heading East (Mad Maxx & Stryker remix)
  5. Neelix- Mosquito (original mix)
  6. Talamasca, Lucid, Stryker- Boom fucking boom (original mix)
  7. ID- ID
  8. ID- ID
  9. 2nd Phase- Hytseria (original mix)
  10. Joint Operations Centre- Goodnight Irene (Shugz remix)
  11. James Kiedis- The Kracken (orig mix) Damaged
  12. ID- ID
  13. Richard Durand- Proxima C (orig mix) Edit
  14. Indecent Noise- Paint It Black (orig mix) Damaged
  15. Jordan Suckley- Contaminated (orig mix)
  16. ID- ID
  17. Ralph B- Massive (Daniel Skyver remix)
  18. Marco V- Simulated (Radion6 remix)

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