Jordan Suckley Pres. Damaged Radio Episode 045 – 23/08/2016

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Jordan Suckley- Damaged Radio 45

1. Orpheus- Mantra Tantra (Original Mix)
2. Omiki, Planet 6- Troya (Original Mix)
3. Day Din- Theory Of Mind (2016) (Original Mix)

– Dark Mix-
4. Shivatree- No Limits (Original Mix)
5. Pitch Bend- Dregaris (Original Mix)
6. Short Circuit- Silicon Skyline (Original Mix)
7. Mystic- Heavy Doses (Original Mix)
8. Waio- Kyma-X (Zanon Remix)

– Peak Time Mix-
9. Sam Jones- Brainstorm (orig mix)
10. Shugz- Edens Calling (orig mix)
11. ID – ID
12. Markus Schulz ft Vassy- Tomorrow never dies (Jordan Suckley remix)
13. Lostly- Galaxy of blue (orig mix)
14. Peter Steele- Ardor (orig mix)
15. Stoneface & Terminal- Volcano (2am mix)

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