Jordan Suckley Pres. Damaged Radio Episode 046 – 30/08/2016

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Jordan Suckley Damaged Radio 46

1. Boris Brejcha- Killing Me (Original Mix)
2. Steve Shaden- Criminal (original mix)
4. Ronski Speed, Sir Adrian- The Space We Are (John O’Callaghan Remix)
5. Federation- Quiero (Future Disciple remix)
6. Project 8- Blood Drunk (orig mix) DAMAGED
7. Rhys Thomas- The Curve (original mix)
8. Coming Soon- Ambitions (original mix)

– Dark Mix-
9. Circuit Breakers- Square Stomp (Outside the Universe Remix)
10. 1200 Micrograms- Hashish (Faders Remix)
11. Talamasca, Lucid, Stryker- Boom Fucking Boom (Original Mix)
12. Sabretooth- Driven (Ascent Remix)
13. Relativ- The Impact (Original Mix)
14. Electric Universe- The Prayer (Spirit Architect remix)
15. Spirit Architect- Vertigo (original mix)

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