Jordan Suckley Pres. Damaged Radio Episode 058 – 22/11/2016

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  1. Cristoph- Alone (orig mix)
  2. Ben Gold- Anatac (orig mix) Damaged TOTW
  3. 2nd Phase- Hysteria (orig mix)
  4. Blazer- Spark (orig mix)
  5. Kris Guyte- Tribalism (orig mix)  Damaged Exclusive

– Dark Mix-

  1. Artificials- Sequences (orig mix)
  2. Inner State- Unobtanium (orig mix)
  3. Genetrick- Mongol (orig mix)
  4. Sonic Sense- Sophia’s Culture (orig mix)
  1. Chris Schweizer & Heatbeat- Samurai (orig mix)
  2. Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery- Home (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker GC23 Extended Remix)
  3. First Sight & Fright Nite- Warp Velocity (Extended Mix)
  4. Lightform_-_Orbs (Extended_Mix)
  5. Jardin- Suicide Circus (orig mix)

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