Online Slot Machine Named Double Sixteen

Online Slot Machine Named Double Sixteen

Double Sixteen is a slot game developed by Betsoft that allows players to get an education in the history of slot machines and feel the excitement of playing a traditional fruit machine without having to leave the coziness of their sofa. The Double Sixteen slot machine, which is based on the more modern fruit machines of many decades ago, provides you with all of the bells and whistles of a mechanical machine while still allowing you to win some very appealing rewards. You have the opportunity to earn up to 6,400 credits in a single round when you play this game for real money since it has two screens with four reels each and a total of 32 paylines that are always active.

Double Sixteen, unlike many other similarly themed vintage slots, does not have any extra features and cannot be played on systems that do not support Flash. Neither can it be played on mobile devices. However, players who access the game on a desktop computer will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get insight into the inner workings of traditional mechanical games. In the following comprehensive review of the Double Sixteen slot machine, we will teach you everything about the real-life gameplay as well as the winnings.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine Double Sixteen

The first time you play Double Sixteen at a real money online slots site, it may appear a little confusing, but in actuality, the game is quite easy to pick up and get started with. You don’t need to make any changes to your bet by modifying the payline settings or choosing the coin size; all you need to do is decide which of the four wagers that are available to you you want to put before you start playing. There is a minimum wager of 5 credits that must be placed before a spin can begin, but you may also place wagers of 10, 20, and 40 credits. After you have selected a wager by tapping the button that corresponds to it, all you have to do to play a single game is press the same button once again.

When you play the slot machine for real money, the number of paylines that are available to you may go up to 32, and the amount of money that you wager on each spin determines how many prizes you are eligible to win. The odd thing about these paylines, though, is that they are distributed throughout both the top and bottom screens, and the only way to determine where exactly they are located is to wait until they produce a winning combination. On the other hand, the paytable on your right, which is always accessible to you, lists all of the rewards that may be won from the slot machine. There is a set of eight traditional fruit symbols in Double Sixteen, and they are categorized as low-paying, medium-paying, and high-paying symbols, respectively. Their winnings are always shown in credits, and they range anywhere from forty credits to two hundred credits in total for each individual sequence.

The appearance of the slot machine gives away the fact that this is an earlier version of an online casino game that was designed only for use on personal computers. Due to the fact that Double Sixteen is one of the numerous older slots produced by BetSoft that have not been redone in HTML5, the game can only be played in Flash and is inaccessible on mobile devices that are based on either Android or iOS.

Features and Free Spins Can Be Found in Double Sixteen

BetSoft’s Double Sixteen is one of the most uncomplicated slot games you can play online, despite the possibility that it lacks other game modes and features that may be considered bonuses. To get started winning real money rewards, all you have to do is choose a wager and click the start button. The more money you spend on a single spin, the more chances you have to win money from that spin. Therefore, if you choose to play with the lowest bet, you will only have access to three reels and four paylines. On the other hand, placing higher bets will reward you with more paylines and an additional reel, and placing the maximum wager will give you access to a second screen with four reels, giving you a 4+4 game with a total of 32 paylines.

The awards in Double Sixteen are not just distributed from left to right, which is another aspect of the game that should be brought to your attention. You may win money by generating sequences from either the leftmost side of the screen or from the rightmost one, but you cannot win money by forming sequences from both sides of the screen simultaneously. The game only pays out for victories of three of a type, but you can play up to four reels. Keep an eye out for the treasure box and the BAR sign since, respectively, they may pay up to 200 and 120 coins for any sequence that they appear in. If you want the biggest payouts, seek for these symbols.

In addition, the slot machine has eight reward meters, each of which is designed to simulate the gameplay of older machines. When you do anything that results in a victory, the game will distribute the payoff among all meters in the appropriate proportions. After that, you have the option of using the “choose meter” control to deposit the money from a meter towards your wager or using the “collect” button to withdraw it back to your balance.

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